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The Best Sweet Tea In Town (Editorial)

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I love sweet tea! I could happily walk away from this post right now just knowing I typed that first sentence. There’s a problem with loving sweet tea though. A problem that drives me crazy every time I come across it. The problem is… most places don’t make good sweet tea.

I’m not talking about a regular tea with one packet of sugar. I’m not talking about anything with sweet & low in it, and I think sweet & low should be banned from any table I’m sitting at. Nope! I’m referring to that incredibly sweet, sweet tea that makes your eyes widen up on the first sip, and your work day suddenly speed up. The tea so sweet, you question whether you should schedule your next dental cleaning a week early. The best part is I know where to find such a sweet tea.

Drive on Michigan Street, and you’ll see the parking lot to Bakery Plus full or filling up throughout the day. Whether it’s students grabbing a bite after class, or people making mid-morning snack runs (that’s what I do!), Bakery Plus is well known by many local to the neighborhood. For as many people who know about Bakery Plus, I’m surprised by the number of people who don’t. So let me just say, “BEST SWEET TEA IN TOWN.”

As I previously mentioned, one packet of sugar is not enough, and putting sweet & low in your tea is inhumane. The heartbreak really comes when no one tells you that their sweet tea comes from the same fountain where soda is dispensed. Typically, the preferred way of having sweet tea would be from a separate container where the restaurant was brewing both sweet and unsweet, separately. Bakery Plus takes its greatness one step further. Every cup of sweet tea at Bakery Plus is individually brewed fresh, and comes with the individual tea bag in the cup. If you’re one of those people who says things like “that’s too sweet”, first, SHAME ON YOU! Second, you can request that they hold off on the sugar, and they’ll make your fresh brew to your liking.

As I make a ridiculously excited expression on my face, let me say that this is what sweet tea is made of. I posted on a local community page on Facebook about how good their sweet tea is, and no one tried to top it by saying “oh, you should got to…” such and such because theirs is good too. Nope! It went undisputed.

Do you know what goes good with sweet tea? Food! You know who has good food? Bakery Plus. They have doughnuts, bagels, sandwiches, bottled beverages, and a good number of other tasty items. My personal favorite is the sausage, egg, and cheese on blueberry bagel. The blueberry bagel is… BLUE!

Being happy with the food is one thing, but the price is just as great. For $4.70, I can walk out with the bagel sandwich of my choice, and the large sweet tea that I’ll brag about to anyone. They do have a lunch special that includes a sandwich, drink, and choice of doughnut or chips, but I stick to my favorite.  That lunch special is only $4.99, so if you’re looking for a lunch special, there you go.

If you know about Bakery Plus already, good, go get some sweet tea and have a nice day. If you haven’t tried Bakery Plus yet, that’s cool too; you should also get some sweet tea and have a nice day. :-)

Sidenote: The photos were taken by Richard at Bakery Plus, except for the one of the cup. That was me. I just wanted to show off the cup.

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