Downtown South Connect: Yoga Nidra At Elevate Yoga Center

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s necessary to look for new ways to help ease the stress of daily life and make health conscious decisions about what and how we eat. The team at Elevate Yoga Center (EYC) will be treating you to health conscious lunch full of quick alternatives to today’s on the go diet.

After lunch, you’re invited to participate in a Yoga Nidra session with a member of the staff. What is Yoga Nidra? It’s just what the busy professional needs to help ease tension in the mind and body. Hop in a hammock or lay on the floor and Experience 20 minutes of deep relaxation, through this incredible guided meditation process. {First come, first serve on hammocks but you can also lie down on the floors. Mats are provided or you can bring your own.}

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918 South Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806